About Gymnastics Time Academy

Gymnastics Time would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my gymnastics academy.

Gymnastics Time academy under the parent company MASTER FIT SPORTS LLC  is Dubai’s finest gymnastics club, offering a comprehensive blend of recreational and competitive instruction. Classes are available at all levels, from beginning to competitive. We maintain a student-teacher ratio of 7 to 1 or fewer to facilitate individualized training. Our expert staff has extensive experience in teaching, as well as competition, thus each instructor brings his or her own first-hand knowledge and background into each session.

Our Objective

Gymnastics Time academy’s primary objective is to provide high-quality recreational gymnastics programs and events for children. Our classes are designed to improve each student’s Strength, flexibility, motor skills, coordination, physical confidence, and self-esteem. In order to achieve this goal, our instructors balance their classes with fun yet challenging exercises. We encourage our gymnasts to excel under all circumstances and offer competitive programs for those children with the interest and determination to meet the skill requirements. We believe that no one should be turned away because of a lack of natural ability, but rather should be encouraged to demonstrate that hard work and discipline produce exciting results.


Gymnastics is the root of all sports…

Gymnastics, when taught properly, can be the vehicle with which to deliver lifelong knowledge of physical fitness. Jumping, running, rolling, strength, and flexibility are the basic aspects of many sports. No better foundation can be laid than one built on the basic attributes of gymnastics. Many of the world’s most advanced nations still use gymnastics as the core of their physical fitness programs.

Gymnastics Time believes that children are the world’s most precious gift. Our goal is to see that every child who participates in our program receives the same quality instruction regardless of their ability. Accomplishing this ensures that each child will feel as special as they truly are. In all actuality, we at Gymnastics Time are in the fun, physical fitness, recreation, excitement, and child development business.

We believe that gymnastics is tools to help kids grow into happy, healthy, and responsible adults. We agree with psychologists who say that the basic attitude common to happy, healthy, responsible adults is a “true love of learning.” We offer growth in the areas of strength, flexibility, peer interaction, development of self-confidence and overall wellbeing in conjunction with gymnastics skills acquisition. We know that the best way to foster a love of learning is to help our young athlete’s associate learning and challenge with purpose and fun.

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