Why is gymnastics good for toddlers?

The best age for your kids to gymnastics classes is 5 years. However, some sections of gymnastics accept children between 2 – 3 years. Other gyms and academies could even accept gymnastics classes for babies at the age of 4 to 10 months old, 10 to 19 months, and all the way up through grade school. At first, children perform exercises for general physical development, being in the preparatory stage for more special and difficult elements for gymnastics. After general training, tots can participate in gymnastics programs as combination of tumbling and beams and bars activities.

why is gymnastics good for toddlers?

  1. Increase muscle density and strength of toddlers and become fit.
  2. It helps kids to learn how to balance themselves.
  3. Kids build a grip strength by hanging from bars and learning to swing.
  4. They may even learn how to do forward rolls when tumbling.
  5. Helps in hand, eye and foot coordination and visual tracking by using balls and bubbles.
  6. It is a gate to other sports as soccer, volleyball, and handball.
  7. Improve self-confidence of the child, and kids feel good about themselves.
  8. Gymnastic classes usually full of fun, and the kid love to go.
Why is gymnastics good for toddlers?
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