Our recreational gymnastics program is designed to engage children in gymnastics in a fun and friendly way.  The aim is to develop your child’s physical literacy skills through gymnastics.  This means that we will develop their strength, flexibility, coordination and fitness.  Whether children continue with gymnastics or wish to specialize in another sport, their experience at GymnasticsTime will provide them with an excellent basis for progression.

Gymnastics also provides a fantastic opportunity for children and young people to develop social skills and confidence – and this is something we take very seriously at GymnasticsTime.

Kids will undergo an evaluation by the end of every term, according to their performance they will be moved to next level.

Recreational program is categorized into:
•    Recreational Beginner
•    Recreational Intermediate
•    Recreational Advance

Recreational Beginner

8 coach student ratio


This is our most popular class designed for children who have little or no gymnastics experience. This stage they will develop basic movement patterns (hopping, jumping etc.), rolling, swinging, balancing and rebounding, using apparatus which is appropriate to their size and experience. Beginner gymnast spend their time working to develop their physical literacy using our smallest pieces of apparatus.  It is essential that children have fun and develop the movements and coordination to enable them to progress to working on larger piece of apparatus safety and appropriately.

Recreational Intermediate

8 coach student ratio


Once children have developed the necessary R Beginner skills and demonstrate that they are eager and able to learn additional skills, they will be invited to progress into an alternative group. In this level the gymnast will perform intermediate elements such as rolls on floor without an incline, T-In handstands and cartwheels, round offs from a block, pullovers, and kicks and turns on beam.

Recreational Advance

8 coach student ratio


Once the gymnast developed the necessary R Intermediate skills and demonstrate that they are eager and able to learn additional skills, they will be invited to Level 1 (USAG). The gymnast will learn certain skills that make up the level 1 compulsory routine. Level 1 is the first level in the USAG gymnastics level structure.

By the end of the term our little gymnast will go through an evaluation process